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We arrived on Ishigaki island 8 years ago as we fell in love with this beautiful island and with that old traditional house which became Le Lotus Bleu..

We are here to help you discover Yaeyama island, the natural beauties, the culture, the people, the food.
We also found that being immerged in that beautiful nature and culture helps people to step back from everyday life, we propose massages and yoga classes as tools to reconnect with yourself.

We often say our houses are like boxes, where anyone can bring his treasures, so we also host retreats (yoga but not only) with teachers from all over the world who come to shared their knowledge.

Depending on your group size and needs, you can rent a room in Le Lotus Bleu, or a complete house (Le lotus Bleu or la Terrasse Kookai), choose from our activities and packages, or create your own perfect stay. You can also just book the room, and decide what to do when you are here.



"How can human live peacefully, healthily, without any conflict?"
I have been keeping this theme all my life. In order to find the answer, my curiosity goes so far and doesn't know where to stop. I left Japan in my 20s to see how people live in each place, then firstly I took a strong interest in "healthy food" and learned macrobiotic, ayurveda and so on. And since a couple of years ago,  my interest has shifted to the relationship between “mind and body”. I've got absorbed in Esalen massage. The universe in the body beyond our understanding...

Our body knows everything. 
I love freedom and fly around the world with my curiosity, based in Ishigaki and Lyon.



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