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We think that in the quest of a happy and healthy life, one key factor is to keep the body and mind connected. And even if we don’t feel it, it is often not the case.

I was like that too, I was over thinking, my mind was leading without listening, keeping asking too much to my body. Even when my body was tired, under stress, asking for relief, my mind was not listening to that voice and kept working…

It is very common, more and more, everywhere in our modern cities, burn-out became a trendy word, living under stress became the norm, so called “stress deseases” appears, when you don’t listen to your body he finds other ways to talk to you, louder…

Massages, body works, yoga asanas, have that magic thing: even if it is addressed to the body, it talks to the mind, it is bringing together the body and the mind.

It restores communication between them, it restores the balance, the mind feels again the body, and through the body, it is connected again to the environment, the nature, to the infinite energy of the universe.

The aim of the body work we propose at Le Lotus Bleu is to restore that communication, that balance.


I was born with weak knees, which led to lots of injuries and accidents. And as I was not listening to my body, I experienced pain quite often, and got more accidents and injuries. What took me out of that loop is the Esalen massage. It did not fix my knees, but it allowed me to make peace with my body and find back my balance.


Esalen massage is a very special massage, there is no fixed pattern. Techniques applied depends on feelings between the practitioner and the receiver. So each massage is unique, because every moment and every people are always different...

If we try to describe an Esalen massage, we can say it is an oil massage of all the body, with very long strokes, from feet to head, with some still moments. With some very simple touch, it allows to convey humanity and feelings. It is not a massage to relieve specific muscle pain or heal some body pain, it is like a massage for its existence, to integrate body, mind and spirit.

As it works on the parasympathetic nervous system, it is very calming, almost like a meditation session. To benefit the full effect of the massage, it is better not to plan physical activities or serious work after the session.
Please count about 3 hours, massage, consultation and changing clothes.

120 min -20 000 yen

Hello, I'm Chie, Le Lotus Bleu staff and Swedish massage therapist.

Today, many people are always pressed for time and spend their days under various stresses.
Your body is always giving a sign of fatigue, but you might not hear it... 


My Swedish massage promotes the flow of fluids such as blood and lymph and reduces coldness and swelling.
While applying moderate pressure to the muscles, it relieves your accumulated fatigue. 
It is an oil massage that brings deep relaxation and recharges energy.
How about time to face your body slowly during the journey?

Prices for customer staying at Le lotus Bleu

Swedish massage half body 70min ¥8,500-
full body 90min ¥10,000- 

head massage 30min ¥5,000- 

face & head  50min ¥6,000- 

half body & short head 80min ¥9,000-

half body & short face  & head 90min ¥10,000-

full body & head 110min ¥11,000- 

full body & face & head 130min ¥13,000-

Reservation Required, Ladies only

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