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(all 2020 programs are cancelled)

Wether you want to participate to a retreat, or organise your own, check out our program below.
These retreats are special moments with guests teachers

Reconnect with your own self
With Yoga Kuukan
June 2020

Behind Yoga kuukan there is Maika and Tomer, we met them in Chiang Mai, they are now in Kamakura. We loved their classes and asked them to do a retreat with us, mixing Qigong, Yoga ad outdoor meditations in the nature. We now do it twice a year in June and november.

​Intense and playfull, vinyasa and Yin, + island adventure cocktail, with Saori rising yoga.
April 2020 SOLD OUT

Saori funawatari is teaching yoga in London. She came last year for the first time, doing her first retreat in her native country. We were impressed by the intensity of her classes, by the joy and energy she brings in the house.



海外の有名ヨガクラスを取るために、体の動きやインストラクションを英語で覚えたい!  ​英語でヨガを教えて仕事の幅を広げたい方へ ​

Hanuman YOGA
Summer Vibes Yoga & Meditation Retreat, June 2020
With Hanuman yoga

For Japanese yoga teachers or practitionners, we give you the languages tools to teach your own classes in English, or to understand better classes led by English speaking teachers, with a lot of practice and one to one coaching.

Engaging program led by a highly experienced, heart-centered practitioner. Our carefully designed itinerary uniquely offers a wide variety of somatic and mindful modalities to experience many approaches and tools for well-being.

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